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Top 5 reasons why Gogeta is better than Veggito!

  • Gogeta actually killed the current villain in his first appearance (Janemba)
  • Veggito, in the other hand, just teased super buu for a while... and that's everything he did

    Vegitto's seduction Gogeta janemba

    He even did so with a really cool special attack, only used in the movie!

    He even got absorbed by him! What a loser!

    Vegito absorbed Stardust

  • Before the really long 18 years break
  • the dragon ball series took after the ending of dbgt,

    Gogeta got a last appereance in the ending of GT, to fight Omega Shenron

    Because he appeared in the Buu arc, the last one before the ending of Z,

    Veggito didn't appear anywhere else, not even in GT ('cause Gogeta already did so)

    So his ONLY other appereance was in the series that came a lot of time after: Dragon Ball Super

    Gogeta Kicks Omega Shenron  Vegito blue

    But to be fair, Gogeta didn't do much here... and just teased Shenron until he unfused

    And that isn't even that special, cause Gogeta actually appeared in a Super's Movie!


    Gogeteasing Gogeta Blue

    i still love him though